The Public Offer Agreement

Nationsorg is a Non-political, Non-governmental, Non-profit international association.
Nationsorg est une association internationale apolitique, non gouvernementale et à but non lucratif.

The Public Offer Agreement

Students must be at least 18 years old.
Nationsorg association cannot be held responsible for any difficulties in obtaining a long-stay visa or a residence permit upon the presentation of a pre-registration or registration certificate in one of the courses.

Courses at the Nationsorg association require the payment of the following fees:
1. Annual registration fee: This fee allows students to be registered at the Nationsorg association and therefore to attend any course in which they have been registered and have paid in full the corresponding tuition.

It is valid for all our courses from the first day of classes and for a period of one year (date to date). This fee is non-refundable.
2. The tuition fees as presented in the brochures, leaflets, Internet site. These must be paid in totality 3 weeks before the beginning of the course at the latest.
Public holidays are not charged.
3. Books and exercise books are not included in tuition fees. However, some books can be purchased online at

Whatever the chosen way of registration, non-beginner students have to take the online evaluation test no later than two weeks before classes begin in order to have a guaranteed place in the chosen course and schedule.

Every non-beginner student must take a placement test before starting their courses.
For individual students.
The students can register online: through our website

1. Create a personal account and choose courses:
2. Read the General Conditions of Registration and their annexes, and accept them as per the procedure online.
3. Pay either the deposit or the full tuition on line. The complete tuition must be paid no later than three weeks before the beginning of the classes.
In case of late payment, the place in the class is no longer guaranteed and there will be no refund of the deposit.
4. The student must come at the reception desk at Nationsorg association on the first day of the classes and provide the following documents: Identification (identity card, permit of stay or passport with a current visa covering the duration of the studies); One ID photo; the receipt for payment of the full tuition or the registration certificate.
Registration that has been completed by post or online can be cancelled within a 14-day limit from the date of acceptance of the general conditions of registration. If the 14-day term ends on a Saturday, Sunday or a public or school holiday, the term may be extended to the next business day. Any student wanting to exercise their right to a retraction, must notify, within the legal delay as indicated above, in writing and by airmail, to the following email address:

Before the beginning of the course:
Students have the right to postpone their course within a period of 6 months. Only one postponement can be made and a written request must be received by the school at least 15 business days before the starting date of the chosen courses. In case of cancellation or absence of the final registration, the administration fees – 150€ - are non-refundable. In the case of late cancellation (3 working days before the beginning of classes) the non-refundable fees are increased to 250€.

After the beginning of the course:
Once the courses have begun, and in case of one or more absences in various courses, no deferment or reimbursement can be made for any reason whatsoever
However, in the case of serious illness and/or incapacity justified by a medical certificate, preventing the student from participating in a course for over 4 consecutive weeks, the student can ask to be refunded for the missed tuition (except the annual registration fee which remains the property of the Nationsorg association) or to postpone the course within a limit of 6 months after the date of interruption of the course.
In case of deferment or refund, the weekly price of classes will take into account the actual number of weeks of classes taken in strict consecutive way, after making the deduction of weeks cancelled or postponed. Thus, if the number of actual consecutive weeks leads to a change of the weekly rate, the calculation base for refund or deferment will be made on the new weekly rate. A written demand, accompanied by all justifying documents, must be received by the Nationsorg association within a maximum of 15 days after the date of interruption of the course. A postponed course will not be refunded or transferred to another student’s account.

If the case of refund of a course, only the students who were present and who signed the attendance sheet at the courses’ office will be refunded in proportion to the number of hours.
Specific conditions for the private courses and phonetics sessions
Postponing a class can be authorized if the dates of the classes postponed occur between the beginning and ending dates of the contract and if the deferment request is made no later than 24 hours (week-end excluded) before the scheduled time of the class. Otherwise no deferment or reimbursement will be able to be granted.
Postponing of the date of the training ending will be not accepted.

For groups (mini groups 2-5 persons and groups 6 to 15 persons), cancellation/postponement of a class during a session according to the specific terms COURS PER DEMAND is valid only for the whole group and not individually. In case of non-attendance of a single person to one or more courses, no deferral or individual refund can be accepted for any reason.
The Nationsorg association has the right to cancel a registration in a private course or phonetic session in case of unavailability of a professor up to 2 weeks after the registration. In this case the full corresponding tuition fees will be refunded to the student. If this cancellation affects all the classes chosen by the student, the Annual Registration Fee will be refunded as well.

In case of late arrival, a place cannot be guaranteed to the student. A deferment for another session of the same course may be offered, within the limit of availability. If a change is exceptionally accepted, the credit will not be refunded.
Any timetable and schedule changes cannot be accepted once the course program initially chosen has started. The Nationsorg association has the right:
• to cancel a course if there are not enough students registered. In this case, if another course of an equivalent level cannot be offered, the sum of the corresponding tuition fees will be refunded to the student. If this cancellation affects all of the courses chosen by the student, the Annual Registration Fee will also be refunded.
• to change if necessary, the schedule and calendar of the courses, after informing the student and the student.

6 – INSURANCE - Health, accident and personal liability insurance are compulsory and the responsibility of the student.

7 – ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATE - Students are required to attend classes regularly. A certificate of attendance will be delivered to them upon request.

8 – EXPULSION - In the case of misbehavior of a student, as outlined by the internal regulations of the Nationsorg association, the school has the right to expel the offending student, without refund.

This document is at the students' disposal at the reception desk of the Nationsorg association.

Nationsorg association, 75 Cours Richard Vitton 69003 Lyon, France